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Keep In mind that when you set about playing slot machines and slot game so any type of mobile device, if those games are video slots, then there is a very good chance that you could trigger some type of bonus game or bonus feature when playing them.

Now, a great number of such slots are going to have as their respective main bonus game a free spins bonus feature round, which could be triggered via a set of spun in scatter symbols or bonus symbols or in some cases those free spins bonus games can be awarded completely at random too.

However, when playing slot games on which it is the scatter symbols that will trigger a set of free spins, players need to fully understand the odds and the chance of triggering those bonus games, and there is one way they can discover just how often on average those bonus games will be awarded to them.

That is by working out just how many reel symbols are on each reel of a free spin’s bonus game awarding video slot and then finding out just how many of those symbols are scatter symbols.

But, it’s fair to say that doing so could take ages, and with that in mind I have done all of the working out for you on a range of different slots listed below, and will be revealing to you just how many base game spins it will take you on average to trigger the free spins bonus game on a range of popular mobile slot games.

Best Mobile Video Slots for Free Spins Bonus Games

Below I have picked out some of the most played mobile slot games all of which do offer their own unique type of free spins bonus game, and you will discover by reading on just how many, on average, base game spins you will have to play off to trigger the free spins bonus game regarding the lowest number of scatter symbols that need to be spun in to trigger that bonus feature.

I will start off with the Tomb Raider MK 1 slot game, for that mobile slot game has been around for years and for one reason or another it is a slot many players do enjoy playing.

It will take on average 143 base game spins to spin in the required three scatter symbols required to trigger that free spins feature which will then award players with 10 free spins on which x3 multipliers are in play.

The Loaded slot game is another hugely popular mobile slot game, and players will certainly love playing that slot, for when its bonus game has been awarded they get to choose just how many free spins they can then go on to play off, the three options available all come with a different multiplier too.

When playing that slot on average it is only going to take 109 base game spins before the free spins feature round is triggered, and once it is players get to pick 12 free spins on x4 multipliers, 16 free spins on x3multipliers or 24 free spins on x2 multipliers to play off.

I really would urge you to play the Dogfather mobile slot game if you enjoy playing slot games on a mobile device that have been designed to trigger their free spins bonus game much more frequently than most other video mobile slots.

That slot game on average will trigger its free spins bonus feature round on which 13 free spins are then awarded which boast x3 multipliers once every 76 base game spins, and you need to get three of its scatter symbols appearing anywhere eon its screen to trigger that bonus game by the way!

You are never going to know in advance just how many free spins you are going o get to play or and you will never know before you trigger the bonus game what multipliers will also be in play on the Harveys slot game until you spin in the two scatter symbols on reels two and four in the base game spin.

That slot could award from 6 to 30 free spins as soon as its free spins bonus game has been awarded on which multiplier values from x2  up to a whopping x25 will come into play, as for the number of bass game spin on average you will need to play off, well it is 80 base game spins on average before that bonus feature round is awarded to players.

Play Mobile Free Spins Awarding Slots

The winnings that can be achieved from any mobile slot games free spins bonus feature round can of course be huge, in fact it is quite possible to win much more from those types of bonus games and bonus features than can be won on the base game of any slot machine.

That is one of the main reasons why slot players do enjoy playing all manner of different slot machines and slot games on which at some point in time when playing them, a free spins bonus game could be triggered and awarded.

Just keep in mind that the very best types of free spins awarding mobile slot games to play are always going to be the ones that have been designed with a long-term pay-out percentage that is higher in value than the industry average.

As for just what the industry average RTP is on such slot machines and slot games, well I think it’s fair to say that any slot game you do come across that has been set to return a pay-out percentage in excess of 96.00% over the long term play on that slot is certainly going to be one worth playing.

If you are now tempted to play mobile slot games and are prepared to sign up to a new mobile casino site or app that you haven’t play at or on before, make sure you do check out our featured casinos listed and reviewed upon this website, and click or tap through our links to get to their websites as that way their sign up bonuses are then going to be available to you instantly.