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Unlike high tech video slots which are going to have you playing off all manner of bonus games and bonus features, classic slots are very basic in their design, however many players do have some unbelievable winning streaks when playing such slots, and today I will be looking at some of the best strategies for playing classic slots.

The very first thing you should however do, is to ensure that you select a casino site to play classic slot games at, for its true to say there are no shortages of casino sites and casino apps available at which you will find any type of slot game you could ever get the urge to play.

However, for one of the best possible mobile gaming experiences you really should be signing up to those mobile casino sites that you can see showcased throughout this site, for they are all licensed and regulated and have a solid track record in ensuring all slot and casino game players are looked after by way of comps, bonuses and fast winning pay-outs too.

As for the way in which classic slots are designed, well they are simple three reel slots on which players will never trigger any type of bonus games or bonus features, which results in a rapid fire type of slot playing session and one in which players soon know whether they have won or lost and soon know their slot playing fate.

Max Bet Stake Enhanced Jackpot Pay-Outs

The very first tip I can pass onto you when you want to set about playing classic slot games perfectly, is to study the way the pay table of each slot you will come across, and pay careful attention to the jackpot pay-out especially.

The only thing you have a choice of when playing classic slots is the number of coins you wager per spin, and most classic slots will allow you to wager up to two or possibly three coins on the single pay-line such slots have on offer per spin you play off.

The jackpot paying winning combination is often boosted in value when players do opt to play for maximum on spins, and as such the very best staking strategy for playing those types of slot games is to put into play maximum bet spins, to take advantage of that enhanced winning pay-out.

It should also be noted that when playing for a higher coin denomination players may discover the RTP of the classic slot they are playing is also enhanced, and as such that does of course mean that if you can afford to play for a higher coin denomination then that is something else you should do to benefit form more winning pay-outs based on the stakes you feed through those slots over your long term play.

Not all classic slots do offer an enhanced maximum on jackpot pay-out, but many of them do, so make sure that is one of the first thing you check out when playing those types of slot machines.

Casino and Slot Bonuses Are a Double-Edged Sword

It is way too easy for many slot players to be blinded by the huge valued sign up welcome bonuses and often the ongoing bonus offers that most mobile and for that matter online casinos are going to shower upon them, however do keep in mind that some of them do offer terrific value, whilst some of them should be left well alone.

The reason why casinos will be offering you a bonus when you make a deposit is of course to get you to make a deposit into your casino account, but ultimately the casino will want to win from you that deposit along with the bonus credits they have awarded you with.

As such the only bonuses that are going to be worth claiming, if you intend to play classic slot games with the bonus credits awarded to you are those that have been designed with low play through requirements, and those that do not have any restrictions regarding just how much you can win and then cash out when playing off your bonus credits.

Bonuses that come with a play through requirement of less than 30 times the bonus credits only are certainly worth taking a much closer interest in, but do make sure you are not going to lose any of the value of any winnings you do achieve by any maximum cash out rules associated with such bonuses.

Knowing Each Classic Slot Games RTP is Important

To have the very real chance of winning big when playing classic slot machines is by playing those that have been designed with a high variance playing structure and format, but never lose track of the fact those slots are also best known for eating up players bankrolls rather rapidly when they are cold.

Low variance slots on the other hand will keep you in the game for much longer, as those slots tend to award a very large number of much lower valued winning pay-outs, thus allowing a player to recycle their bankroll and accumulative winnings serval times during any one single slot playing session.

But at the end of the day it is going to be the RTP of any classic slot that will ultimately dictate your level of success when playing over the long term, and therefore you will need to pay careful attention to just what the RTP is on any slot game you do fancy playing.

As for just what is the very best RTP for a classic slot, well personally I would shy away from playing any slot that has got an RTP of less than 98%, that may seem like an impossible task finding a classic slot boast an RTP of over 98%, but with some time and effort you will be surprised to learn there are quite a number of slots that do offer RTP’s of over 98% in fact some have RTP of over 99% too.