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If you always keep in mind that when accessing any type of slot game on your mobile device that those games have been designed to be random games of chance, then you will always be aware of the risks of playing such games for real money.

However, over the years the sheer number of new and unique slots that have been made available on mobile gaming platforms and mobile casino apps has grown so large, that there are several playing strategies that players can and do adopt to try and beat the odds.

If playing slot machines is something you find very hard to resist, then please do read through the following guide I have compiled, for by doing so you will find a wealth of valuable mobile slot playing tips and playing strategies that you may fancy adopting yourself.

To ensure that you are going to have a hassle free time when playing slots on any type of mobile device, whether that being a smart phone or tablet device, I would also urge you to play only at those casino sites I have showcased to you throughout this website.

By doing so you are never going to experience any problems when it comes to you getting paid out any winning you have been lucky enough to amass when playing slot games, and will also have literally hundreds of great playing and potentially very high paying slot games at each of those mobile casinos too!

The Importance of RTP’s

The one basic mistake that most mobile slot players will make when they set about playing real money mobile slots, is that they will simply make a beeline to play a slot game that they like the look of, instead of spending some time checking out some of the much more important aspects of how each slot game has been designed.

The one most important piece of information you should be making an active point of finding out about any mobile slot games that you have access too; is just how high the RTP  (Return-To Player) pay-out percentage is.

The pay-out percentage is simply a figure presented as a percentage, and that percentage will be the amount of all players combined stakes that are going to be paid out to players collectively over the long term.

Therefore if you for example play a slot machine that has been set with a pay-out percentage of lets say 90% then you are not going to get as many winning pay-outs playing that game as you would when playing for example a slot machine that has a pay-out percentage of 98%.

The places to look to discover just how high or just how low the pay-out percentages are on any slot machines are the pay table or the help files attached to each slot, however some mobile casino sites will have the pay-out percentages listed on the casinos website, so do check that out too.

Progressive Jackpot Chasing

The temptation to play a slot machine on which there is a progressive jackpot is always going to be very real form mobile slot players, for at the end of the day it could take just one single spin for a player to walk off with a life changing jackpot win, which is of course what all slot players dream of doing.

What I would always urge you to do if you do fancy playing any number of progressive jackpot awarding mobile slot games, is to look up when the last few jackpots were won on those machines and try and work out just how much on average they pay out to winning players who have won the progressive jackpots.

As soon as you have then done so you will have an idea of when will be the very best time to play those slots, that being at the point in time when the progressive jackpots are higher in value than the average amount by and paid out to jackpot winning players.

But it is always important in fact critical that you only ever play progressive jackpot slot machines and slot games in the way that they have been designed to give players a chance of winning their jackpots, which in some cases could be by you having to activate every single pay-line they have on offer, for when you play them for the maximum stake amount, so make sure that is something you check out and make a point of doing.

Knowing Which Mobile Slot Bonuses to Claim

There are plenty of bonus offers that all real money slot players can make use of, but not all bonuses that you will come across are going to give you plenty of additional winning opportunities, in fact some of them have rules attached to them that could make it virtually impossible for you to win anything from them!

Therefore what you should do is always, and I do mean always, read through the terms and all of the conditions attached to any casino bonuses you have come across, and then look out for the way those bonus terms and conditions have been put together.

A bonus that has a very low play through requirement is always going to be an attractive one for players to claim, but only if you must play through the bonus credits a certain low number of times and not also your deposited amount too.

I would also advise you to avoid claiming any casino bonus offers that have a maximum cash out or pay-out valued attached to them for when you claim such bonuses you could win big, only to find out that a large percentage of those winnings will be deducted from your winning pay-out.

Plus, always ensure that the bonuses that you do like the look of and can be claimed by you are going to be ones that allow you to play the games that you do want to play, for some bonuses can only be used on certain games and not all games!