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As soon as a slot and casino game designer is founded and then goes on to launch their first batch of casino games, it will always be the way those games have been designed as to whether players are going to want to play them and will ultimately determine if that company is to survive over the long term.

When Rival launched their range of slot games, they did prove rather popular with players, for whilst they did of course launch the usual classic slots and video slots and then went on to launch a range of progressive slot games, they also launched a range of what are known as i-Slots.

Those i-Slots offered players, and in fact still do offer players a very unique type of playing experience, for they are interactive slots and as such players will find that when playing them they can tell an unfolding story based on the theme of the slot and players can also find themselves working their way through many different playing modes on those slot games too.

As such by playing the Rival i-Slot games players do find they trigger a very large range of bonus games and bonus features, some of which have a skill element about them, and they may just be the types of slot you are looking around for and are thinking of playing.

If playing fully immersive and interactive video slots on a mobile device is something you are very eager to set about doing, then please do read of for below you will find my Rival mobile slot game database in which you are going to discover just which of those Rival designed mobile slot machines have been designed with the highest pay-out percentages.

Rival Slot Game RTP’s

As there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to want to give some of the i-Slots available form Rival a little bit of play time at some point in time, I will first give you  quick run through as to the ones that which have the highest pay-out percentages, and then will move onto looking at the standard video slots they have on offer too.

The Cosmic Quest – Mystery Planets slot is one of the very highest paying slots available to plays for that must play i-Slot boasts a pay-out percentage of 98.95% and is therefore a slot you should play, followed by both the As the Reels Turn – The Gamble slot which has an RTP of 97.00% and its sister slot the As the Reels Turn – With Friends Like You slot on which there is a pay-out percentage of 96.00%.

The Reel Crime – Art Heist slot game and the Reel Crime – Bank Heist i-Slot have pay-out percentages of the same amount that being 96.00%, so they just scrape in as above average paying slots, so do consider checking them out when you have some time to do just that.

As for the standard video slots from Rival, well as far as they go their bonus games can and do trigger quite often however thanks to a pay-out percentage of Doo-Wop Daddy-O that being 97.89% there is a fair chance you will trigger its bonus game regularly.

There are also several other slot games form Rival that boast above average pay-outs and they include the Gold Rush at 97.46%, the Bust-A-Vault slot at 97.45% and both the Dr Magoo slot and the McMurphy slot have RTP’s that have been certified and verified as being 97.00%.

Some fun to play fully themed slots from Rival that are always popular with players include the Grandma’s Attic slot which boast paybacks of 96.60%, and if you are  a fan of playing high variance slot games then the Scary Rich 2 is a perfect example of one such slot and its pay-out percentage is set high at some 96.30%.

As long as you may a very active point of only ever played slot games with RTP;’s in excess of 96.00% then you will always have a fair chance of getting some extended slot playing sessions, so try and avoid playing slots which have a lower RTP than 96.00%.

Three other slots that players can get stuck into playing form Rival that have impressive RTPs include their Watch the Birdies slot at 96.30%, their low to high stake slot that goes by the name of the Wheel of Cash slot at 96.30% and the Reel of Fortune slot game too, and that latter named slot has an RTP of 96.20%.

Keep in mind you are allowed to play any Rival mobile slot game for free at any casino sites or any on any casino apps that have them on offer, so you can try any of them out to see just how those high RTP’s do affect the way the slots play and pay.

Best Rival Mobile Casinos and Bonuses

Some Rival powered mobile casino sites have a special way that their players are able to redeem and get credited any bonuses they qualify for themselves, and that is by those players entering a special and unique bonus code into the banking interface at the point in time they are making any qualifying deposit.

Therefore, what I would actively advise you to do is to take a look around this website and select any of the mobile casino sites that offering the impressive range of mobile slot games from Rival and click on the links to take you to their respective websites.

As by doing so you will then be able to sign up to any sites you fancy playing at and will also discover what the unique bonus codes are, just make sure that you do enter the bonus code accurately into the banking interface as that way your bonuses are going to be instantly credited to your casino account once your deposit has been processed, which it will be in real time.

Plus, as each of our featured mobile casinos that offer the range of Rival designed slot games also have their own comp clubs, you are going to be earning plenty of additional extras via those comp clubs when you play any of their range of slot games for real money too.