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To enlighten you on the way that we respect your privacy here at the website, please read through the following privacy policy. Also, be aware that we do also have a set of terms and conditions associated with using this website and have our own cookie policy in place too.

You can read more about the terms and conditions and our cookie policy by clicking on the respective links on each page of this website, which I encourage you to do.

Your continued use of this website will be taken as your approval and acceptance of this privacy policy and our terms and conditions and our cookie policy too.

User Comments and Posts

Be aware that you are never going to be required to sign up to make use of this website, however if you would like to leave posts, comments and feedback on any of the posts, articles and guides you will have access to on this website then you will be required to sign up to this website to be able to set about doing so.

You will need to give us some of your own personal information to register to leave such comments, posts and feedback, and we will only use that information for its intended purpose.

If you do sign up to this site then please ensure that you choose a username that in no way will identify you to other website visitors personally, unless you do wish to be identified to them.

Newsletters and Competitions

You may be offered access to a competition on this website or you may be interested in signing up to receive one of our email newsletters. If that is the case, then you will need to supply us with some basic personal information when doing so.

We may share that information you have supplied us with, with any advertisers featured in those newsletters so that they can offer you tailored promotional offers, deals or bonuses, or in the case of any of our competition sponsors so that they can for example get in touch with you if you win one of those competitions to arrange for the delivery of your prize.

Contacting Us

If you would like to contact us for any reason then you are of course more than welcome to do just that, and keep in mind that we do have a privacy policy in place regarding when any of our website visitors contact us.

As such when and if you do choose to contact us be aware that we are not going to use your email address for any other purpose than to reply to any questions that you may have asked us.

We will not send you out to your email address any marketing material unless you have asked us to do so, by signing up to receive our newsletters for example.

Storing Your Personal Information

If at any time you do supply us with any personal information, then be aware that we will store that information securely using the very latest security protocols

But no system is going to be 100% secure, but we will always do our upmost to ensure that your details are always kept secure as best we can do.

Sharing Your Personal Information

Unless you sign up to our newsletters or enter any competitions found upon this website then you can rest assured that we will never share with any third party any of the personal information that you supply us with.

The only exception to that rule is when we have been requested to do so by law, by a court order or by the police.