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There are just a handful of companies there were around and in business when online gambling first took off, and those that are have built up a huge portfolio of games, and those games are often found on offer at the highest number of both online casino sites and also at mobile casino sites too.

Playtech is of course one such company, for when they first launched their online gaming platforms back in the early 1990’s they immediately become hugely popular with players in all four corners of the world, and then when they launched their mobile gaming platforms those too were very quickly embraced by players and casino operators alike.

With that in mind, what you are often going to find when you fancy playing mobile casino games on your smart phone or tablet device, is that many mobile casino apps and sites will be offering you plenty of casino games that have been designed and developed and then launched by Playtech.

In fact, for those of you out there that love nothing more than playing video poker games, you are going to find plenty of those very high paying casino card games on offer that have been designed by Playtech.

This guide therefore is one I would advise you to read through if you do ever fancy playing video poker games on any type of mobile device, much more so for real money, as below I will reveal just what RTP’s the Playtech range of video poker games have been set to return to players over the long term.

RTP’s of Playtech Video Poker Games

A quick word of warning regarding the video poker game variants that you will find available from any online or mobile casino sites that have the Playtech range of video poker games on offer, and that is their 10 or more hand variants of their Jacks or Better and the Aces and Faces games have lower paying pay tables than their single hand variants.

As such to ensure that you do benefit from the very highest paying pay tables that their video poker game variants have on offer, then make sure when playing those games you steer well clear of playing their multi-hand variants offering 10 or more hands per game, and play their single hand variants instead!

As for just which variant  of video poker games you will be able to play on any type of mobile device that have been launched the Playtech, well there are quite a number of them and as such let me start off with one of their popular games that most players will probably play at some point in time or another.

That game being their Jacks or Better game that game does boast the industry standard pay table and as such when playing it over your long term play you will get an RTP of 99.54% but only if you are playing it using the optimal playing strategy of course!

You will notice more winning hand combinations are going to be listed on the Joker poker game from Playtech than on the game above, for that game does come with a wild card that being the Joker card so therefore more winning hand combinations can and will be formed when playing it that are not on offer on the above variant, and for reference Playtech’s Joker Poker games RTP is 98.60%.

Much like all other variants of Deuces Wild, the one that Playtech has designed and have made available to mobile casino players is a game that has the four 2 valued cards acting as wild cards and for reference the RTP of that variant is 98.91%.

The Tens or Better game is sadly not a game I would recommend you play even though you will be paid out for a hand as low as a pair of tens, for that game by its very design and its pay table is one that boasts a long term expected pay-out percentage of just 97.96%!

There is also one other Playtech designed mobile video poker game variant that you may fancy playing and that is the Aces and Faces game, and if you do then please be aware its pay-out percentage based on the pay table of that variant returns 99.26% of players stakes as winning pay-outs over the long term.

Play Playtech Mobile Video Poker Games

Being one of the longest established and one of the most respected online and mobile casino game designers, one thing that you will very quickly discover when looking around the web for mobile casino sites and mobile casino apps to play at and on, is that plenty of casinos do tend to use the Playtech range of games and their gaming platforms too.

So, you shouldn’t have to spend too long hunting around for a casino that does have their range of games on offer, for many such sites and apps will have them listed and available in their respective game menus.

Be aware though that those casino sites and mobile casino apps that do utilize the Playtech range of games are going to give you access to those games either as no risk free play demo mode games, so you have the option of playing them at any time of the day or night and from anywhere you happen to be completely free of charge and at no risk too.

However, by you choosing to sign up to any of our featured and fully licensed and regulated mobile casino sites by first clicking through or tapping through our website links to get to their websites, you then have access to their respective welcome bonus sign up offers too.

Being our top rated casinos another thing you will benefit from when playing at any of those mobile sites at which Playtech’s range of mobile video poker games are available are fast winning pay-outs when you win and also plenty of ongoing bonus offers will be flowing your way too, and those bonuses will help you get even more value when playing and more winning chances too!