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Once you set about playing WMS designed slot machines you are going to find them very entertaining slots, and slots on which all manner of potentially huge paying bonus games such as free spins can be triggered.

I have yet to come across a casino in Vegas that doesn’t have their range of slot machines on offer on their gaming floors, and as such I am more than convinced that most of you out there will have played some of their slot machines before.

However, with many slot players now opting to stay at home to gamble and refusing to visit Vegas due to the sky high resort fees and even car parking fees that many land based casinos have introduced, WMS have decided to launch their slot machines to online and mobile slot players.

Therefore, what I am going to be doing in this article is to look at which of their slots do tend to get the most attention from mobile slot players and let you know why they do so.

Just make sure that if you haven’t yet experienced the way that their slot games do play and pay you give them some play time sooner rather than later, even if you just play them on a  mobile for free, but the real excitement does of course come from playing WMS mobile slots for real money, as there are some huge jackpots that can be won when you set about doing so.

I would also advise you to check out some of our feature mobile casino sites too, for many of them are going to be offering you a range of different slot machines of course, many of which will have been designed by a range of different slot game designers too.

Plenty of Fun Playing WMS Mobile Slots

You will like the way that the free spins bonus feature round plays off if you choose to play the Black Knight and Black Knight two slot games and when playing them you should get plenty of spins from your bankroll thanks to their RTP’s being 96.07% and 95.91% respectively.

A few other slots that I just known some players are going to fall in love with include the Brazilian Beauty slot which fortunately does give players a fair chance of winning as its RTP has been set at a very respectable 96.03%.

For a high variance type of playing experience do also consider getting stuck into playing the Buffalo Spirit slot which boasts a payout percentage of 95.97% or give the Egyptian Riches a little bit of play time for when doing so you will be playing a slot with an RTP of some 95.99%.

Some of the older slot machines that have been around for years are also hugely popular with players and the WMS designed Jackpot Block Party with an above average RTP of 96.12% along with the John Wayne slot which has a payout percentage of some 95.01% along with the Kiss slot are worth playing, and that latter named slots comes with a long term expected RTP of 95.94%.

Two pet themed slot machines that some players simply cannot resister getting stuck inti playing that WMS have designed are the OMG! Kittens slot with its 95.95% RTP and its sister slot machine that being the OMG! Puppies slot which by the way comes with an ever so slightly higher payout percentage that being 96.05%.

I will leave it up to you to discover just which WMS slot machines do appeal to you the most, however some that I have found to be fun slots to play include the Palace Of Riches 2 on which an RTP of 95.21% is offered and the Star Of India –can also be a fun playing slot, and one which has a payout percentage set over the long term of 95.14%.

Star Trek fans have a plethora of fully themed mobile slots that MWS have designed those being the A Piece Of The Action, Explore New Worlds, The Trouble With Tribbles, Trap a Tribble, Trek Through Time and Star Trek Red Alert slots, and as for just how high their pay-out percentages are, well they are 95.00%, 96.00%, 96.00% 95.00%, 95.05% and 96.00% respectively.

A handful of slots with mid-ranged payout percentages of 95.99%, 95.80%, 95.94%, 95.25% and 95.95% are the Temptation Queen, Tetris Super Jackpots, The Cheshire Cat, Tigers Realm and Titanic slot games.

Some other WMS designed mobile slot machines that are often overlooked by players but are certainly worth tracking down and getting stuck into playing at the Vampire’s Embrace with it certified 95.06% RTP and the Venetian Romance slot and the Viking Vanguard slots have RTP’s that have been set at some 95.04% and 95.90% respectively.

Zeus and Wizard of Oz Themed WMS Mobile Slots

WMS have launched a series of very popular Zeus themed slot games too, and if you are eager to give some of them a little bit of play time then be aware that the original Zeus slot has an RTP of  95.97% the Zeus 2 slot games RTP is 95.32%, and the great playing Zeus 1000 has been set with a payout percentage of 96.00%.

You may also find the Zeus 3 slot is available at some mobile casino sites and that slots boast paybacks of 96.19% and finally the Zeus God Of Thunder slot will give players 96.05% of their stake money back over the long term as winning pay-outs.

For those of you that are actively seeking out the WMS slot games that are themed around the Wizard of Oz film, well there are three of them available to you, and they include the Wizard Of Oz slot on which a pay-out percentage of 95.99% can be found.

The next slot in the series that of course being the ever popular Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers slot comes with a payout percentage of 95.96% and the final slot in that series that being the great looking and potentially huge paying Wizard Of Oz Wicked Riches slot has been set with a pay-out percentage of 96.01%