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In this mobile slot playing guide, I want to give you an insight into the many different types of pay-line playing structures you are going to come across when you do first start to play slot games on any type of mobile device.

The reason or me doing so, is that all mobile slot game developers and designers will be offering you lot of slots many of which may just come with a playing format and structure that you have never seen before.

The most basic of slot though that is always going to be accessible to you when you set about playing at any mobile casino site, or for that matter in any playing environment are optional pay-line slots.

When you set about playing those types of slot games what you ill be faced with is a decision, and that is just how many of the available pay-lines you wish to put into live play on the very next spin you play off.

If for example a slot offering you up to 30 pay-lines per spin, then you can put as little as one line into live play or any number of pay-lines up to a maximum of 30 lines per spin, and those slots will also be often designed as multi-denomination slots too.

That means not only can you fully alter and adjust the number of lines that you activate and put into play, but you are also going to be able adjust the coin value settings and play more than one coin per activated pay-line too!

Fixed Pay-Line Mobile Slots

When you come across fixed pay-line slots, you unfortunately have no choice other than to play every single pay-line that the slot has been designed with.

So if you fancy playing those types of slot game son your mobile phone or tablet device make sure you pick one that will suit your bankroll is my advice, namely one with not that many lines if you only have a small amount of cash to play with.

Whilst you wont be able to play around with the number of pay-lines such a slot offers, you do have full control over the stake levels you play for, and to adjust the stakes you will need to alter the coin values and often the number of coins you play on each pay-line too.

What you will however find when playing fixed pay-lines slots is that you will never run the risk of missing out when a winning combination has spun in, which you could do when playing optional pay-line slots and you opt to activate a small number of them.

Video slots are often the categories of slots that do offer a fixed pay-line playing structure and format, so there will also be the added advantage of you being able to trigger some form of bonus game when playing those types of slots on a mobile device.

All Pays Slots

You will certainly enjoy playing All Pays slots on a mobile device, for those types of slots are like no other, in respect of them offering you a massive number of ways to win per spin.

When you come across one of those types of mobile slot machines, you will discover that every single way that you can form a winning combination from left to right across the screen will be covered when you send the reels spinning.

Some All Pays slots will offer you a 243 ways to win playing structure, and you will also find slots with 1025, 3,125 and there are now some that offer tens of thousands of ways to win too.

The way those slots have been designed is that they will guarantee you will have formed a winning combination if you get enough of the exact same matching reel symbols spinning in from left to right on consecutive reels.

So, for example if the minimum required number of let’s say cherry symbols required to form a winning pay-out is three of them, and you get one in view on reels one, two and three then you will have formed that winning combination across the screen.

You could look at each reel symbols being like a scatter symbol, but they must spin in from left to right and on adjoining reels to form a winning combination. What I personally do like about those types of slots is that you just need to pay one increment of coins, such as 25, 50 or 75 coins to have all those ways to win in play.

Cluster Pay Slots

There is a brand-new type of playing structure that you are bound to come across on several of the much newer mobile slot games that many mobile casino sites will have on offer to you as a player, and that is one that is known as a cluster pays type of playing structure.

Those slots will often require you to place a stake per spin of a set increment of coins, but by doing so you will then be able to form some potentially huge paying winning combinations when you then click onto the spin button.

The way in which cluster pays slots work and operate is that you are not required to get a line of matching reel symbols, which is of course how you form winning combinations when playing most other slot games, instead you simply have to form a cluster of the same matching reel symbols anywhere on the screen.

Those types of slots will offer a grid like format on he screen and when you click on the spin button the symbols will usually drop into position on that grid, and like I say above as long as a cluster of the same matching reel symbols then all drop into together side by side such as horizontally or vertically then you will have won.

Keep in mind though that the bigger the cluster is of the same matching reel symbols the higher in value your cluster pays winning pay-out will then become.