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Never let it be said that you are not going to have access to every possible type of casino game you want to play on a casino app, and it is of course important that you find one to utilize that is going to give you plenty of choice regarding just which games are on offer.

Take the game of video poker for example, there are certainly plenty of variants of that game that have been launched over the years, however some apps and mobile casino sites will only offer you a small selection of those types of games.

As a player you really do need to understand the main differences between each and every single mobile video poker game that you are going to have access too, for if you do not you very easily could end up playing a variant that has a poor set of paybacks.

It should also be noted that there is an element of skill involved in playing video poker, for players do have some control over how the game is played, and in the following guide I am going to be letting you know which variant is the one you should be looking out for and playing, and ways that you can ensure that you never make any costly playing errors too.

With some huge long term expected pay-out percentages attached and on offer on many video poker games, by playing the bets paying ones and playing them optimally too, you should find you get some very long gaming sessions when playing.

The Basics of Video Poker

To play video poker you will first need to find a machine that offers the best paybacks, and I will be revealing the one variant that has the very highest pay-out percentage a little bit lower down this guide, so make sure you read on!

Once you have found a video poker game you like the look of you will then have to decide just what coin values you wish to play it for, you do so simply by clicking on the coin values until you find the one that will best suit your and your gambling budget.

Next, you will have to decide just how many coins you wish to play on each hand you play off, most video poker games will allow you to play as little as one coin per game or any number of coins per game up to a maximum of five of them.

Once you are happy with your chosen coin values and the number of coins you wish to play simply click onto the deal button, and the game will then randomly deal out to you five playing cards.

The aim of video poker is to form any of the winning hand combinations that are listed upon the pay table of the variant you are playing, and as such from the first five playing cards dealt out you have to decide which of them, if any are going to be the very best ones to hold for the next stage of the game.

Once you have held the cards that you want to hold in place, and you do so on a mobile device by simply tapping onto the playing cards or the hold button underneath each card you then click on the deal button a second time.

By doing so any cards that you have not held and locked into position will be removed from the screen and new ones will be dealt out of the deck to replace them, once the last card has been dealt out you will then be paid out the respective amount as listed on the pay table based on the number of coins you have wagered on that hand, if you have indeed formed one of the winning hand combinations.

Playing Mobile Video Poker Optimally

As players playing video poker are faced with the decision of holding any of the first five playing cards that are dealt out to them, that means that there is a certain level of skill involved in playing video poker games, and as such you ill need to always know just which cards to hold to have the best chance of winning.

Rather than spend literally weeks, months or even years learning which combinations of cards to help when playing video poker games to have the best chance of winning, there is a much easier way of playing video poker and will take the guesswork out of which cards to hold.

That will simply see you having to find a mobile video poker game that has an option setting known as the auto hold option, for by activating that option setting, as soon as the game has dealt out your first five playing cards the game will then automatically hold the best cards for you, so make sure you play a variant offering auto hold and make sue you always have it turned on and activated too!

The Best Video Poker Game to Play

You will find video poker games available at mobile casino sites that are designed as single hand games, on which you can of course just play one hand per game you play off, however some variants will allow you to play multiple hands on each game, and some variants will let you play 100 hands per game too.

Some variants of mobile video poker may also offer a progressive jackpot to players too, so make no mistake about it you are always going to find more than enough video poker games to play no matter at which mobile casinos site you choose to play at.

However, there is one variant that has a massive long term expected pay-out percentages and as such is the only game you should ever set about playing, and that game is the All Aces video poker game, which when played using the best and most optimal playing strategy returns a long term expected pay-out percentage of a whopping 99.92% to players, and you will not find a higher paying video poker game variant at any mobile casino site than that game!