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Online Roulette at a Mobile Casino

Roulette is of course a game that you are going to find on offer and available to you no matter in which legal United States Online Casino you choose to play.

Top Mobile Roulette Sites USA

However, when you set forth playing this hugely popular table game on a mobile phone, you do need to be aware of the differences that will be found on each variant you will usually come across, and this playing guide will enlighten you on just which variant you should be playing for the maximum winning opportunities.

If you haven’t yet played roulette online or in a “Bricks and Mortar” Casino, not to worry, because it isn’t going to take you very long to get your head around how the game has been designed and how to play it.

The aim of the game is for you to try and predict just which number is going to be spun in, once you have placed your bet and sent the roulette wheel spinning.

You can bet on any individual number, and you do so by first selecting a chip value, and then tapping on the number you think will spin in, you can however bet on any of the numbers on the betting layout and the more you select the more chances you will have of betting on the winning number.

There will also be the option for you to bet on things such as the colour of the next ball to be spun in, that being either red or black, you can also bet on whether you think the next ball will be high or low, or odd or even too, and a plethora of other betting opportunities too.

Mobile French Roulette Games

The French Roulette game is by far and away the very best variant you can play, and I will now give you an insight into why that is always going to be the case.

The way in which French Roulette has been designed is that it will be using the standard roulette wheel, that being the one on which there is just one single zero on the wheel and betting layout and the numbers from and including one to thirty six will also be on the wheel and on the betting layout too.

When you bet on any of the even money paying betting opportunities, those of course being red or black, odds or even or high and low if the zero is spin in then one of two unique playing and pay-out rules will kick in, dependent on just which mobile casino site you have chosen to play at.

The first rule that you could find attached to the game you are playing is that your even money paying bet will not be deemed to be a losing one when a zero is spun in, instead you get half of your stake money paid back out to you.

The other rule that could be in play one the French Roulette game you choose to play on your mobile device is that any even money bets placed when a zero then spins in will stay in place on the betting layout for the next spin, and will stay there until zero isn’t spun in.

That unique playing rule means that when betting on any of the even money paying betting positions the house edge is just 1.35%!

European Mobile Roulette

Not all mobile casino sites are going to be offering you a French Roulette game variant and will tend to offer you access to either the European Roulette game or the American Roulette game variant instead.

If you do want to have the most winning opportunities it should be the European Roulette game you play instead of the American Roulette game, as the former game has a much lower house edge.

When playing European Roulette, the wheel has the numbers from and including one to thirty-six on the wheel and betting layout along with just one single zero.

That game has a house edge of 2.70%, which by the way is the house edge that you will find on any of the betting opportunities on the French Roulette game with the obvious exception of the even money paying betting opportunities.

If you place a bet on a single number and that number is spun in then you will be paid out at odds of 35 to 1, but you do get the option of playing a myriad of other bets on the European Roulette betting layout too.

American Roulette Mobile Games

I would strongly advise you to give the game of American Roulette a miss, and when you log into any mobile casino app if that is the only roulette variant available then find another casino app that has either of the two roulette game variants mentioned above instead.

The reason why the American Roulette game is one that I advise players never to play is that it comes with a much higher house edge than the two variants listed and mentioned up above.

The house edge on American Roulette is huge working out at some 5.26%, and the reason the house edge is so very high is that there is an additional zero in play on the wheel in addition to the standard single zero.

Even though there is a single zero and a double zero on the American Roulette wheel and no increase in pay-outs of that additional ball well, that is why the house edge is much higher, and that is the reason it is a game you should never get stuck into playing if you do fancy a session playing roulette on your mobile device.

You may also come across some roulette games that will offer you a range of optional side bets including one that gives you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

But be aware that by placing those site bets the house edge will then be increased even more on the game you are playing, so once again always avoid playing such games as the hose edge is way too high on them all when the side bets have been placed.