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mobile blackjack

Mobile Blackjack

Make no mistake about it, you will always have plenty of winning opportunities when you set about playing Mobile Blackjack on a phone or Tablet, however you will need to learn how to play each variant optimally if you are to keep the house edge down to the lowest amount possible.

Microgaming are best famed for their huge and impressive selection of online Blackjack games, and they have made several of their games fully compatible with their mobile gaming app that quite a number of casino sites offer their players, and below I will give you an insight into how each of them play and pay.

mobile blackjack


Single Deck Classic Blackjack

If I were you, I would concentrate my blackjack playing efforts when using a Microgaming designed casino app on just one of their variants, that being the single hand Classic Blackjack game, for that game has been designed with the very lowest house edge.

That house edge, when you do play it perfectly is tiny working out at just 0.13%, and for reference it is a game that uses just one single deck of playing cards too, and when the dealers cards are a soft 17 valued hand or higher in value he will always stand that hand.

Be aware that this game is a no peek blackjack game and it is one that players can double down on their initial two cards, but only when they add up to a 9, 10 or 11 valued hand.

Other unique game play rules on Microgaming mobile Classic Blackjack game state that players cannot double down after splitting cards, and at no point in time are they permitted to re-split a pair of cards.

As mentioned above though if you want to have any realistic chance of getting the house edge down to the absolute minimum when playing this mobile blackjack game variant, you do need to play the base game using the very best playing strategy, so make sure that is something you always do.

There is also a multi-hand Classic Blackjack game variant that some Microgaming software powered casino sites offer their players however be warned that the house edge on that game is much higher due to their being a much greater number of decks of cards in the shoe.

European Blackjack

There are several Blackjack games from Microgaming that offer players the option of placing an additional side bet alongside their base game stakes, and Microgaming then to use their standard European Blackjack game as the base game on most of those additional bonus bet enabled games.

However, the optional side bets always come with a much higher house edge than the base game, and as such savvy blackjack players are never going to place those optional side bets and will simply play the base game on its own.

As for whether that variant is going to be one playing on your mobile device, well the house edge of the game is 0.42% so it is much higher than the house edge being offered on the game above so do keep that in mind.

The game is one that will be uses two decks of cards in the cyber shoe, and whenever the dealers playing cards add up to a hand worth a soft 17 or higher valued hand the dealer is going to stand those hands automatically.

This is another blackjack game variant on which the dealer never peeks for Blackjack and is one that players can also double down when dealt out two cards worth 9 to 11 in value, too.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Regional blackjack game variants are also what Microgaming are famed for offering on their mobile gaming platform along with their online gaming platform too, and one variant that may just spark an interest in you is their Atlantic City Blackjack game.

As for whether the house edge that variant has been built around is low enough for you to be tempted to play it, well when using perfect strategy that house edge will be just 0.36%.

Just be aware though that it is a game on which there are eight full decks of playing cards in the shoe, and the dealer stands any hand when it is worth a soft 17 or higher valued hand too.

A slightly different set of playing rules are associated with this variant, the main ones being that players are permitted to double down on any initial two playing cards they are dealt out irrespective of their value.

It is also a game on which players can take late surrender too if they so desire, and there are not going to be that many blackjack game variants you can play on your mobile device that are going to be offering you the late surrender option.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

One other blackjack game that may be of interest to you if you are an avid casino card game player, is the mobile version of Microgaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack game.

That game has an identical set of rules and pay-outs as their online variant and you will also have the ability of playing it for low or high stake amounts too, or even as a free play game if you simply want to put it through its paces at no risk to get to grips with playing it.

It will also however be the house edge any blackjack game has been built around that will ultimately make it a game worth playing or not, and this variant is one of which when playing using the very best playing strategy the house edge will be 0.39%.

As for the main game play rules, well the dealer will hit his hand whenever it is a hand valued as a soft 17 or anything lower in value, and players are permitted to double down on any two initial cards dealt out to them no matter what there combined value is, and players can also split and also re-split a pair of matching valued cards too.