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For those of you out there that do enjoy playing casino card and table games on your mobile devices, I have a new range of such games to bring to your attention, and those games are now live over at all casino sites that use the Microgaming range of games and their casino app and online gaming platforms.

It is actually Switch Studios that have designed those new card and table games, as opposed to Microgaming’s own inhouse team of game designers, and as such they offer players a unique design and a range of additional features that they are sure to find appealing.

However, as is always the case with Microgaming, they has ensured those games are going to be fully accessible to both low rollers and high rollers alike, as they are all multi-stake games offering players the ability to set the stakes they wish to play for whether that be some low and modest stakes or some much higher rolling stake amounts.

As for just what new card and table games Switch Studios have designed for Microgaming, well let me give you an insight into each of those new games, as I am more than confident that you will enjoy the selection and the new way they all play and pay too, when you compare them to the rather stale card and table game offerings Microgaming had on offer up until those new games went live.

European Blackjack

To test the waters and to see if players did warm to the new range of card and table games from Switch Studios, they made live the revamped version of the European Blackjack game on their multiple different gaming platforms earlier in the year.

That game did however turn out to be hugely popular with players, which was probably the deciding factor for Microgaming to then start rolling out the additional games Switch Studios had in the pipeline, each of which are listed below and are now live at all casinos on the Microgaming network.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Another regional variant of Blackjack that some of you out there may enjoy playing is Atlantic City Blackjack, and as long as you make yourself aware of the different playing options and betting opportunities that can and will be offered to you when playing that variant, I am confident you will enjoy playing the new Switch Studios variant of that game for sure.

Plus, never lose track of the fact that when playing that game or any other card or table game at Microgaming powered casino sites in a real money playing environment, you will of course be accumulating comp points as you play, which in turn can be redeemed and exchanged for additional playing credits.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

I would urge caution when playing the Vegas Strip Blackjack game, for that game does not have the lowest house edge, much like the variant it is based around when played in those stylish casinos up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

However, if you do feel it is a game you will enjoy playing then as long as you play perfect basic strategy you could have plenty of winning hand combinations dealt out to you and overcome that slight higher house edge.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Another variant of Blackjack that I do know many of you out there have some experience of playing and do also enjoy playing regularly too is the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game, and that is another game you will now find on offer at Microgaming powered casinos that has been designed by Switch Studios.

In fact, if you compare their version of that game to Microgaming’s version, you will see they are like chalk and cheese and you will saintly be drawn into playing the variant Switch Studios has designed, for it does look amazing.

Classic Blackjack

One of the most played Blackjack game variants at any Microgaming powered mobile or online casino site is their Classic Blackjack game, for that game is famed for being the one with offers players the very lowest house edge.

Therefore is that is a game you have always made a beeline for when playing at such a casino site then you will find a brand new revamped version of it waiting or you, and that game still boasts that low house edge and the usual staking options to players too.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

It will often be the Blackjack game that are designed to use just one single deck of playing cards in the cyber shoe that players will be drawn into playing, and whilst such variants are rare in land based casinos you will find such a game on offer at Microgaming powered mobile and online casino sites.

The house edge is quite reasonable and low on that game, and with players having both low and high staking options on offer to them then it is certainly a game that all players will enjoy playing or real money and can afford to play too.

However you can of course put this and any other game listed above or below to the test via a no risk demo mode version, at any of the casino site sand apps that have it on offer, which would be a great way to test out those games to see if you enjoy the way they have been design, but in a no risk free play type of way.


You are also going to find a new Switch Studios designed Baccarat game on offer at any Microgaming software powered casino site, and that game really does come with a range of additional features, which really do bring the game to life.

Built on the same type of engine that powers the Blackjack game variants listed up above players can be assured of a very smooth type of game play, and can place their usual bets and wagers saintly onto the card table, and configure the game to their own personal preferences by making use of the game play option settings too.