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You are going to come across many different types and categories of casino games as soon as you make the decision to start playing on a mobile casino app, but it is important that you pick out and only ever play the games that are going to deliver to you the exact type of gaming session you are seeking!

There are some things that are usually right at the top of players lists of things to look out for regarding any type of casino game to play, the first will be regarding slot machines and video poker games, and that is the long term expected pay-out percentage or RTP as it is often referred to as, which lets players know how much of their stake money is returned to them.

When mobile casino players set about playing card and table games those games will have all been designed with a house edge, that is the percentage of players stakes that the casino can expect to earn and win from those players over the long term from any of those types of casino games.

The general rule of thumb is players will be best advised to play slot and video poker games with high RTP’s and card and table games that have been designed with the very lowest of house edges.

Variance, however, is the way a casino game of any description has been designed regarding how often a player is expected to win when playing them.

Below therefore I will give you an insight into the three categories of casino game variance you will some across at all mobile casinos, and by knowing all there is about casino game variance you will be able to pick out the games you will personally enjoy paying.

Low Variance Mobile Casino Games

You will often hear some gamblers say that they only play casino games in any playing environment as they want to pass some time and get a little bit of fun and entertainment when doing so.

However, I think its very fair and true to say that all gamblers will, deep down, want to win, but at the end of the day when playing in any type of casino playing environment you are always going to be at the mercy of Lady Luck as to whether you do win or lose!

That said though, if you do want to have at least a fair and reasonable chance of getting a fair amount of play time out of your often very overstretched gambling budget, then what I would advise you to do is to make a beeline to play casino games that have been designed with a low variance type o playing structure and format.

The main reason for me advising you to track down and play such low variance mobile casino games, is that they will have been designed in such a way that when you play then you are going to be awarded with a very large number of winning pay-outs, albeit rather low valued ones.

That in turn means that you are much more likely to get some much longer mobile casino game playing sessions when playing such games, as you will be able to recycle your bankroll multiple times thanks to those regularly awarded winning pay-outs.

Medium Variance Mobile Casino Games

You may have already worked out for yourself, that medium variance mobile casino games fit snugly in between low variance and high variance games.

That is exactly what they tend to do and as such if you want to have a gaming session and one in which you have a reasonable levels of risk in play then it is those types of casino games you should be tracking down and playing on your mobile devices.

Such games will however not offer you the high number of lower valued winning pay-outs for example that low variance games are famed for doing, but conversely they will not be as high risk games that could eat up your bankroll very quickly when for example you set about playing high variance casino games.

But make no mistake about it you do always have the chance of winning and winning big when playing any type of medium variance mobile casino games, and you will certainly find plenty of them available no matter on which mobile casino app you choose to make use of, so do consider playing some of them if you like the sound of them!

High Variance Mobile Casino Games

There will be several players out there that much prefer having what can best be described as a boom or bust time of gambling experience when playing at a mobile casino site, and if that is something you much prefer doing yourself, then read on, for it will always be the high variance games you should be actively tracking down and getting stuck into playing.

High variance casino games are going to be very high-risk games to play, for unlike the two categories of variance mentioned up above, high variance games have been designed with one thing in mind, and that is to award some mega sized winning pay-outs ever now and then.

However, the only way any casino game is going to award lucky players with massive winning pay-outs is by reducing the smaller and medium sized winning pay-outs, and that is exactly what they tend to do.

So just keep in mind that if you ever do decide to play high variance casino games then you ill not get many low or medium sized winning pay-outs being awarded to you, so there is always going to be the very real and great chance you could bust pout your bankroll extremely quickly when playing such games.

But on the other hand, at any time, and usually when you are least expecting it, Lady Luck will slip you a smile and you could win some truly staggering amounts of cash off any high variance mobile casino game!