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You are bound to find some mobile slot games highly appealing to you as a player, and with bonus games, bonus features and all manner of unique reel symbols and often progressive jackpots attached to mobile slots, you are always going to be in for a rollercoaster of a ride when playing any of them for sure!

There are however some very exciting and potentially huge paying mobile video slots that you are likely to come across at some mobile casino sites, and that are also available on mobile casino apps too, and those slots are the ones that have a randomly awarded wild reels bonus game attached to them.

Those bonus games as you have probably guessed from their name are not ones that are triggered by spun in scatter symbols or bonus symbols, instead they are randomly awarded to you at the point in time when you click on the spin button to set the reels spinning.

When a wild reel bonus game is awarded to you at random the reels will often start to spin for much longer than they usually do, and some form of onscreen animation or sound effect will then play off to indicate that you have triggered that bonus game.

What then will happen is that one to five of the reels will also be chosen at random to be turned into reels on which all the reel symbols are wild. The obvious aim of that bonus game is to initially be awarded with it and then see all five reels turning wild.

If that is something you achieve and you are for example playing any 243 ways to win mobile slots and all five reels do get turned wild, then you will win 243 jackpot pay-outs! Below however are some interesting facts and figures about the frequency at which those randomly awarded wild reels bonus featured are triggered.

Slot Games with Random Wild Reel Features

Three of the most popular and most played mobile slot games on which a random wild reels bonus feature can be triggered as the Thunderstruck 2 slot, the Immortal Romance slot game and the Finer Reels of Life mobile slot.

Those slots are of course completely random by their very design; however, it is possible to work out just how many base game spins on average players tend to have to play off before those randomly warded bonus games are triggered.

The way that is possible is by looking at things such as the percentage of the RTP that is awarded via the base game, the bonus game and that randomly warded wild reels feature.

As such I can reveal that if you choose to play the Thunderstruck 2 slot game the average number of base game spins it will take you before its Wild Storm wild reels bonus feature will be triggered is 350 base game spins.

Another slot that is hugely popular and does also boast a random wild reels bonus feature to players is the Immortal Romance video slot and when playing that it takes on average 400 base games spins to trigger its Wild Romance wild reels bonus game.

The Finer Reels of Life slot is another slot much like those two mobile slots above that has been designed as a 243 ways to win video slot, and when playing it you could, at the point in time that you click on he spin button be awarded with its wild reels bonus game.

That bonus game is known as the Wild Celebration feature, but it works in the same way as the ones attached to the above two slots that being once triggered up to five of its video reels could end up turning completely wild.

Obviously the higher the number of reels that do get turned wild when playing any of these three mobile slot games the more chance you will have of winning big, and as for how often that Wild Celebration bonus game will be awarded to you  on this slot, it should on average take 300 base game spins, so you do have a much greater chance of being awarded with it when playing this slot.

Play Mobile Slots with Wild Reels Features

The winnings that can be achieved as soon as the random wild reels features have been triggered and awarded to you when playing any slot games that have them available can be huge, but never set about trying to chance those huge winning pay-outs!

I say that as many people do play slots offering randomly awarded wild reels features with the sole intention of trying to win big on those slots and they can and do often spend a small fortune trying to trigger such games but may never actually do so.

Due to the very unique way those games are going to play off once awarded to any player, there is never any guarantee that all of the five video reels are going to be turned random, in fact there is always the chance that just one or two reels could end up turning wild.

When one or two reels do turn wild as soon as such a bonus game has been triggered if those reels are for example reels four and five, then it is possible to not form any winning combinations what so ever via those bonus games!

So always play such slots responsibly and never go chasing those bonus games, for you could spend a fortune trying to trigger them and when one does finally get triggered you may win nothing or very little from them!

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