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Rival is one of an ever growing number of mobile and online casino game designers who range of casino games are now available to play at quite a lot of different casino sites, and as such there will always be a very fair chance you may find their range of games available to you.

But, one thing to always keep in the back of your mind when playing mobile casino games from any casino game designer, is that some of their games are going to be much better and higher paying ones that others.

Some games offer low house edges, and those are usually card and table games such as Blackjack and single zero roulette, but when it comes to the type of casino styled games that have the very highest possible pay-out percentages, it will be video poker games rather than slot machines that do.

This guide therefore is one that I have put together as a way for you to see instantly just which video poker games that you can play online or via a mobile device that have been designed by Rival that have been designed with the highest possible pay-out percentages.

Please do read on, for as soon as you have mastered playing the video poker games listed below, and always play them using the very best playing strategy, you will then benefit from the respective pay-out percentage listed alongside each video poker game variant mentioned in the next section of this guide.

RTP’s of Rival Video Poker Games

With seven different variants of mobile video poker games on offer to you at any casino sites that do have the range of Rival designed games on offer, I just know you are going to find some of those games irresistible to play.

Much more so when I reveal to you just how high the pay-out percentages are going to be on their betting paying variance, but as is always the case when playing any video poker game variants in any playing environment, you are going to have to play using the very best playing strategy, which also involves you play for the maximum number of coins per hand too.

It will probably no surprise you to learn that Rival have of course designed their own Jacks or Better video poker game variant, however it is worth me pointing out that it is a game that does make use of the industry standard pay table and as such the long term expected RTP of that game when played perfectly is the standard RTP that being 99.54%.

You are always going to be able to play the wild card boasting Joker poker video poker game at Rival software powered online and mobile casino sites, but just be aware that even though that game does have a wild card that being the joker that can help you form plenty of additional winning hand combinations, the RTP of that variant is low working out at some 98.60%!

If you are a fan of playing video poker games on which there are wild cards in play, then I think that you will be much better off playing the Rival designed Deuces Wild video poker game variant for that game does have a much better paying pay table that the game mentioned above and for reference that RTP is 99.37%.

There is also a Tens or Better video poker game variant that Rival have designed and launched and if you are wondering whether that game is going to be one worth tracking down and getting stuck inti playing for real money, then just be aware that its pay table returns a long term expected pay-out percentage of some 99.14%.

There are three other video poker games that will be on offer to you at all casino sites and apps utilizing the Rival range of casino games and those games along with their respective pay-out percentage are Aces and Faces which has an RTP of some 99.26%, the Double Joker variant offering an RTP of 98.10% and also their Deuces and Joker game which has been set with pay table that returns an RTP of 99.07%.

Play Rival Mobile Video Poker Games

I would certainly spend a little bit of time taking a good look through each of the mobile casino site reviews that I have put together and have compiled and have made available throughout this website, for each of those casinos do have some standout and unique qualities about them.

What you do always need to ensure you do when you set about looking for and comparing just what is on offer to players at any mobile casino site and on any mobile casino app is whether you are going to find the exact type of game you do enjoy playing.

As you have just found out, Rival have designed plenty of different variants of mobile video poker games over the years, and those games are going to be on offer to you at plenty of casino sites and on their respective mobile gaming platforms too.

You may not have actually made up your mind yet as to whether playing video poker games on your mobile device is something you will enjoy doing, so how about giving some of those games a little bit of play time via the demo mode versions of each game each casino sites offering the range of Rival powered casino games will have on offer to you?

You will be more than welcome to test drive any of those games via the free play demo mode versions of each of them, and by doing so you can then decide just which ones you do enjoy playing he most and can switch over to giving them some play time for real money at a point in time of your own choosing.

Make sure that you tap or click on our casino links when you do fancy giving some of those reviewed and showcased mobile casinos site a try, as that way you can then claim their respective welcome bonuses instantly too.