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When it comes to playing slot machines in a way that you can increase your winning pay-outs, or in some way help improve the odds of you winning big, well I think its true and fair to say many players are always going to be eager to hunt down such hacks, and try them out for themselves in the hope they do win a huge amount of cash.

As for whether there are any hacks for playing Lock it Link slots, well there are some ways that you can play it than might see you getting much more play time from your bankroll or getting some much higher valued winning pay-outs.

As such what I am going to be doing in the following guide is talking a look at the best way to play the slots in the Lock it Link series optimally, so if they are the type of slot games that you religiously play in land based casinos, then please do read on.

In fact, I should always point out that you can now play Lock it Links online or on a mobile device if you so desire, for Scientific Games Corporation, who are the parent company of WMS the slot game designer that developed that slot have launched many slots once found exclusively in land based casinos both online and made them fully mobile device compatible too.

Just eep in mind though, that all WMS slots, including every single one of the many different Lock it Link slot machines are 100% fair and random, and as such you are never going to have any idea before you start to play one of them whether you are going to walk away from playing it a winning or conversely end up losing when playing that slot.

Should you fancy playing Lock it Link slots for free initially then please do feel free to checkout any of our featured casino sites, as many of them do offer both the online and mobile version of those slots to players in a no risk playing environment as well as having real money version of those slots on offer too.

Favourable Casino Bonuses

As it is often the sheer number of base game spins that you will have to play off to determine just how many bonus games you will end up triggering when playing  the Lick it Link series of slots, then you should put yourself I not a position whereby you are going to be able to play off a lot of spins per session.

By playing for lower stake amounts that is one way that you could end up then playing off lots of base game spins and hopefully triggering plenty of bonus games as you do so, however there is another way to get more play time and allow you to play for slightly higher stakes, and that is by you looking out for the best valued casino bonus offers.

Unless you are an established player and visitor to a land based casino in places such as Las Vegas, then you are not going to be offered free cash or slot play simply for walking through a casinos front door, but by walking through the cyber front doors of an online casino you will be showered with lots of playing credits.

Those credits are awarded by all manner of different casino bonuses, that both new first-time players of an online casino site are welcome to claim or via ongoing promotional offers, deals and bonuses that are showered on regularly and loyal players of casino sites too.

Therefore, what any keen and avid along with savvy online or mobile slot player should be doing is going to on the hunt for casinos that are offering bonuses but with very favourable slot player terms and conditions.

Those types of bonuses can be found both at online and mobile casinos sites and will be deposit match bonus son which you get at least 100% of any deposit you make matched by bonus credits and the bonuses that have terms and conditions with low play through requirements, no maximum cash out limits and the terms that state players can play any slots they like and for any stake levels that they wish it play for too.

Expect the Unexpected

I have to say that the Lock it Link bonus game can be an exciting slot to play, for as it is 100% random players just never know if they are going to trigger that feature during any one single slot playing session that they have played in.

However, that bonus game could take an absolute age to trigger, and that is something worth keeping in mind when playing that slot, for you may have to play off a huge number of bonus games before it does finally get awarded to you.

Plus, even though you may have spent a small fortune trying to trigger that bonus game, there are no guarantees that you will win big when it does finally trigger and you then play it off, so one of the best tips I can give you is to play it with low stake levels activated and in play on your base game spins.

That way if the reels are not spinning your way at the very least you are going to get to play off a decent amount of spins when you divide your available bankroll into much smaller unit stakes, which is something that may not happen if you lump into playing this slot and simply play it for max coins spins that your bankroll cannot sustain.

As the value of the Lock it Link bonus game can be very substantial, even if it is being played for low stake amounts, then you could of course win bug even when playing it for lower stake levels, so do keep that in mind when you are playing this slot and trying to decide on a stake value setting to have in play on it.