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To give each of our website visitors a fully tailored and enjoyable experience when visiting the website we use cookies throughout this site, and this cookie policy will enlighten you on what cookies are, what they are used for and also how you can refuse to accept them and remove them from your device too.

There is also a set of terms and conditions that are associated with using this website and we have our own standalone privacy policy in place on this site too, please do read through them all as we will take your continued use of this website as you approval of the cookie and privacy policy and the terms and conditions too.

What are Cookies?

Most websites that you visit these days, including this one uses cookies as a way of enhancing your visiting experience, and a cookie is a simple text file that you will have automatically placed upon your computer or mobile device by our server each time that you visit this website.

That cookie will be used to identify your visit and will be used in such a way that we can then showcase to your news stories, articles and other guides that you have shown an interest in before.

Cookies also allow us to see just which sections of this website are the ones that people tend to visit the most and that allows us to then set about compiling additional content that our website visitors have shown an interest in. At no point in time though will the cookies we use be able to identify you personally.

Third Party Cookies

As you will see when you look around this website, we do offer a range of promotional offers, deals and bonuses from our handpicked and carefully selected range of advertisers and sponsors, and third-party companies.

Therefore you may have a cookie placed onto your computer or mobile device when you click through to any of those sites from this website, as that way they will be able to identify that you originated from this website when visiting theirs and will then be able to make available to you the offers, deals or bonuses you were interested in claiming and making use of that were showcased on this website.

Removing Cookies

You are of course under no obligation to keep the cookies that we will place on your computer or your mobile device in place, and you are more than welcome to remove them at any time of your own choosing.

Just keep in mind that it will be dependent on just which web browser you are using to access our site as to how you will be able to remove our cookie or cookies, and as such please refer to the option settings that are associated with your chosen web browser as to how to remove them.

If you do want to be presented with fully tailored information then please do consider keeping our cookie or cookies in place on your device, as that way when you do visit our website at any time in the future you are going to be presented with much more relevant information that you are sure to find of great interest.

You may wish to sign up to this website to allow you to post comments, posts and feedback too and if so then by leaving the cookies in place your web browser and our server will then recognise you are a signed up user too.

Disabling Cookies

Some people may wish to completely stop their web browsers from accepting cookies and if that is something you would like to do then please feel free to block your web browser and device from accepting cookies from our website.

But be aware that if you do decide to block cookies from this website then there may be different sections and parts of this website that may not operate as they have been intended to do so when you do disable cookies.

By keeping our cookies in place, you will also qualify for any bonus offers we may present and showcase to you when you use our website links to take you to the websites that are offering those bonuses and promotional offer.

Please do a Google search if you wish to learn more about cookies as many companies that do offer their own unique web browsers will offer their users guides as how they can remove cookies or can configure their respective web browsers to have cookies disabled too.