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This guide is going to give you a full insight into casinos online Italy based players love playing at, but I will also be revealing to you some all important aspects of you choosing just which casinos you should be signing up to and playing at.

Be aware that online gambling is perfectly legal in Italy, and it is the Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies) commonly referred to as the AAMS that licenses and regulates all casinos based and located in Italy.

Therefore, for those of you seeking out casinos online Italy players can play at, you should be looking for those displaying a full and valid AAMS issued gambling license on their casino websites.

By doing so you have the complete peace of mind in knowing those sites have been vetted and are all operated to the very highest of industry standards too.

In fact, the AAMS in Italy have some very strict rules and regulations in place, such as all license holders must have over 2 years of recent experience in managing casino games operated anywhere in Europe with a turnover of over €1,500,000 before they will even be considered for a license.

Each Italian online casino must also pay €350,000 to the AAMS to enable them to verify the game randomness and fairness of their games, and the general technical management of their sites and that fee also pays for the administration and supervision of each online casino site too.

With that all in mind, it is very true and safe to say that the Italian online gambling environment is a very highly regulated one, and one in which only the very best run and operated casinos can operate too.

Italian Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Being stung by having to pay currency exchange rate fees, and processing fees simply for making a deposit and even worse, when you want to cash out your winnings is something at no Italian based online casino player should have to put up with.

Therefore, above all else make sure that those casinos you do play at will not only allow and permit you to make every single deposit and withdrawal, and play their games in Euros, but also select those casino sites that let you make a deposit and withdrawal using a cost effective payment method too.

Most savvy online casino players in Italy have chosen to use a debit card to fund their Italian online casino accounts, as by doing so they are never forced or required to pay any processing fees, and their winnings get paid back to the bank account that is linked up to their debit cards too.

European law also dictates that online gamblers must also have at their disposal a range of casino account gambling limit tools too, and as such you will find licensed casinos are going to allow you to set your own deposit limits and loss limits too.

In fact, those sites are also going to allow you to set your own time limits regarding how long you wish to play for, so consider making use of them so that you always stay in control and gamble responsibly too. 

Casino Support and Language Settings

The is very little chance of you experiencing any problems when you stick to playing at legal and fully licensed and regulated Italian online casino sites, however there are bound to be plenty of questions that you may have about playing online.

An around the clock customer support service is going to be on offer to you at the very best run and operated casino sites, and as such if you do ever have any questions then get in touch with a casinos support team who will be able to answer those questions for you.

Do also make a point of playing at casinos that offer Italian language options too, as that way if Italian is your preferred language then you will have all of the game play rules, controls and everything else displayed at the casinos you are playing at in that language. 

Most Played Casino Games by Italian Players

Let me now finally move onto giving you an insight into some of the more popular and therefore most played casino games that Italian players always seem to make a beeline to play at their chosen online casino sites.

The list below contains the five most played casino games or casino game categories but do keep in mind there can be a small element of skill involved in playing some of those games optimally.

  • Slot Machines
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Video Poker

If you are about to set forth and play at an Italian online casino site, and you wish to play slot machines or video poker games, then it should be the ones that have been designed to payback the very highest of pay-out percentages that you should be looking to play.

Conversely, if you wish to play card and table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette then actively make a point of discovering just which variants have the very lowest house edges.

One final thing to be aware of, is that it is the Video Poker game variants and Blackjack games that do have a small element of skill associated with playing them, and as such do learn the very best strategy for playing those types of games long before you ever set about playing them for real money.

Bonuses and Comps at Italian Online Casinos

Bonuses are rather free flowing at all online casino sites, but the devil is always in the detail as the saying goes, so be prepared to read through the terms and the conditions attached to any bonuses that you are thinking of making use of, to see if those bonuses are offering you true value for money.

Comps are a way for an online casino to reward your loyalty, and as such those sites offering a well-designed and overly generous comp club scheme are the ones that you are always going to get showered with plenty of additional extras based on the level of gaming action that you give their real money casino games.