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It can be and often is quite confusing for first time mobile slot players to work out just which slot machines they are going to enjoy playing on any type of mobile device, for there is such a huge range of them, it could take forever for you to set about playing them all.

However, if you are the type of player that prefers playing some of the most basic slot machines and those that rarely if ever offer any type of bonus games or bonus features then it will be the 3 reel and classic slot machines that I would advise you to set about playing.

Those slots have one of the easiest to understand playing structure and formats, which will see you being tasked with nothing more complicated than choosing a stake level to play them for and then tapping onto the spin button to send the three reels spinning.

Those slots can be very fast playing slot machines too, so they are also ideal slots to get stuck into playing if you haven’t got much time to play, and below I will pass onto you an insight into the very best strategy for playing both three reel slots and classic slot machines too.

Best Way to Play Classic Mobile Slots

Classic slot machines all share one playing structure, and that is they are designed as three reel slots and just one single pay-line is going to be on offer to you, and with no bonus games they much like most other similar slots are very fast playing slots, so you will soon discover whether you have won or lost.

They do however come with different coin value settings and will give you the option of playing one or more coins on that single pay-line per spin.

The best strategy for playing such slots is for you to initially find one that has a higher than average RTP but also pay very close attention to the pay table too, for there can often be an enhanced jackpot up for grabs when playing play the maximum number of coins.

If for example you come cross a classic slot that has a thee coin playing structure, and for example the single coin jackpot is 1000 coins, the two coin jackpot is valued at 2000 coins and the three coin jackpot on offer on that slot is 5000 then the savviest of slot players will also play three coins spins.

Plus, casino bonuses can and will boost the value of any players bankroll if of course they are designed as high valued deposit match bonuses, and when using them make sure you only choose those with low play through requirements and not very high play through requirements as the former will give you much better playing value.

Optimal Strategy for Playing 3 Reel Slots

Three reel slots may look very similar to classic slots as they do of course come with a similar three reel playing format, however what you will find is that 3 reel slot machines are going to give you the option of playing one to three or possibly one to five pay-lines per spin.

They can often come with wild multiplier symbols, and whenever one or more of those symbols help you form one or more winning combinations on any of your activated pay-lines the value of the winning pay-outs associated with those winning combinations get boosted by the value of the multipliers.

However, each pay-line that you can activate on those slots will often offer a different valued jackpot, and the higher valued ones will be attached to the higher numbered pay-lines.

Therefore if you do come across such a slot, and there is going to be a very good chance you will when playing slot games on mobile device, you should always activate every single pay-line, adjusting the coin values and stake you are playing for to make doing so affordable.

That way if you do manage to spin in the jackpot paying winning combination on the higher number pay-lines you will get a much bigger winning pay-out, fail to activate all of the pay-lines then you are going to always miss out on being awarded any winning pay-outs on winning combinations that spin in on the pay-lines that you haven’t activate and put into live play.

Fruit Machines Have 3 Reels Too

You are also going to find that the majority of fruit machines offer a three reel playing structure, however be aware that they are not basic slot games, in fact they are high tech slots on which you are going to find  huge range of different bonus games and bonus features.

The best tip I can give you for playing fruit machines is to first set about playing them for free, as by doing so you will then discover how those games play and pay and you are going to discover how their many unique bonus games and bonus games play off too when you play them initially for no risk.

The best tip for playing fruit machines though is for you to look up the pay-out percentages of each one that is available to you at any mobile casinos that you fancy playing at, and then only ever play those that do come with the very highest RTP’s, as some fruit machines sadly have extremely low pay-out percentages.

It is also worth noting that fruit machines do have a memory and are not completely random therefore they play in cycles, so if you do ever come across a fruit machine that has paid out several jackpots or a large number of high valued winning pay-outs very recently, then there is a very good chance that slot will tighten up and not pay-out for quite some time.

However, you will certainly find plenty of them available and their many bonus games which do trigger frequently are going to keep you entertained for sure, so do consider playing them.